What is Gripe Water?

Using Gripe Water for Newborns

Gripe water for newborns is commonly used in all other parts of the world. Herbal remedies have been used by various cultures for centuries (Chinese medicine is the #1 form of medicine practiced, Western medicine is #4). Generations have used gripe water to help relieve the symptoms associated with baby colic, teething and baby's gas.

A Natural Gripe Water for Babies with Soothing Herbal Oils

Approximately 15-35 percent of all infants experience colic within their first year. Only Colic-Ease gripe water for newborns uses a purely herbal remedy consisting of five herbal oils blended under the supervision of experts in an FDA approved, pharmaceutical grade lab. Each of these ingredients contain properties that, when combined, allow Colic-Ease gripe water to address the broadest range of colicky symptoms. Visit the ingredients page to learn more about each herbal ingredient and why it’s used in the formulation of Colic-Ease.

A true herbal remedy, Colic-Ease gripe water never uses Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) or Vegetable Carbons (Charcoal) in our unique blend of gripe water. Please click here to visit and learn why we never use these ingredients.

What is Gripe Water for Infant Colic?

Unfortunately, when asking "what is gripe water for infant colic?" most people think about the older European or homeopathic gripe water formulas. Some are manufactured and bottled in facilities that do not follow the same regulations and guidelines as American FDA supervised and GMP approved facilities do. The older formulas, as well as some of the modern replicas, also contain ingredients considered to be undesirable by healthcare professionals and parents for infant’s colic. These ingredients include alcohol, sucrose, artificial flavors, colors, and certain non-herbal ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and charcoal.

As a result, Colic-Ease brand quickly became the leading, American-made, drug-free gripe water for infant colic. Using only the highest quality herbal ingredients and manufactured in a modern FDA Pharmaceutical-grade lab, our product adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Colic-Ease effectively relieves the painful symptoms associated with infant colic, and is endorsed by pediatricians, nurses, lactation consultants, midwives and doulas throughout the medical community both here in the United States and many countries world wide.