Colic in Babies


Babies with Colic

small crying baby/ babies with colic

The cries of babies with colic are often high-pitched and heartrending.
The exact cause of colic is not known. If a healthy baby is receiving proper nourishment
and still has excessive crying episodes and gas, he or she could have colic.


the number 3

The number three (3) can be the key to determining if a baby has colic.
Colicky babies often cry uncontrollably for 3 hours,
beginning around 3 weeks of age
and they cry for at least 3 days a week.
-Sorry about this last one but....
This crying can last 3 months or longer
and usually occurs at the same time each day. (eek)

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To handle colic, doctors may suggest dietary changes or a slower feeding pace with more frequent burping.
When feeding adjustments, gentle massages, swaddling, or rocking with the vacuum running does little to
relieve your baby’s discomfort, new advice and recommendations are needed.
Colic-Ease gripe water is a trusted and proven recommendation for the colicy baby since 1999.

Successfully Soothing the Colicky Baby

The distressed colicky baby may leave caregivers feeling frustrated, worried and helpless.
Frequent breaks and requests for help for parents is very strongly recommended.

Both male and female babies suffer with colic, whether they’re breast fed or bottle-fed.
The colicky baby’s stomach may appear hard and enlarged. Screaming spells can occur at any time,
but are usually worse in the evening. Babies with colic exhibit signs of pain, such as stiffening or
pulling their legs up and passing gas. Managing colicky babies involves everything from reviewing
the breastfeeding mom’s diet to trying new bottles and nipples. If all of your initial efforts fall short
and your baby is still suffering with colic, consider using a safe, high quality, natural remedy such as Colic-Ease gripe water.
Not only is Colic-Ease trusted by medical professionals and parents, Colic-Ease gripe water also has an excellent word-of-mouth reputation.

Relieving Colic in Babies & The Family Benefits

Coping with colic in babies is serious and requires help from loved ones and an abundance of patience.
Parents are often exhausted or sleep deprived. Young siblings may become frustrated and have difficulty bonding
with the new baby who cries for hours. Easing colic symptoms in babies benefits the entire family.


Always ask for assistance when feeling overwhelmed.
It is very important for you & your baby that you ask for help when you need it.
Ask a friend, a neighbor, a loved one or dial 911 but do not try to cope alone.

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