DyanAcostaTestimonialMy Colic-Ease story: A Second Time User (After being a NERVOUS FIRST TIME user)!
"I am writing this story to hopefully hlep other moms, dads, grandparents or guardians see that this product WORKS." - Dyan Acosta  Avon, Indiana

Chloe Hiccups Video Watch Colic-Ease Gripe Water in action!
"I've been using Colic-Ease since my dayghter was 3 weeks old (over 4 months now). She's not a fussy baby and does not have colic, but she does get hiccups almost EVERY day as well as occasional gas pains. Originally a friend recommended Colic-Ease (that she used on her new born as well as her now 2 year old) saying it was "the best stuff EVER and wouldn't use anything else". - Corrina Smith Alburqerque, New Mexico

BabyEthan.JPG Grandparents LOVE Colic-Ease!
"We found out about Colic-Ease from our daughter's mid-wife (Christy Collins) back in 2008 and not only did it work for Riley, he loved the taste and we also found it worked on adults indigestion as well! We always have a supply on hand and now with our 4th grandson born on May 31, 2012 you have yet another satisfied Colic-Ease customer. You have the GREATEST product and we will continue to sing the praises.  I only wish I had heard about Colic-Ease when I was having children"! - Eileen and Ed Bee. (Mima and Pappy) Tehachapi, CA


Colic-Ease is amazing! My son has reflux and cried nonstop for the first few weeks. We tried this product as recommended by our sons GI doctor and love it! It calms him almost immediately. It also takes his hiccups away and overall makes him more comfortable. I would highly recommend Colic-Ease!

Karissa M, USA

I absolutley LOVE this product! We use a lot of gripe water because my daughter is very coicky and has a sensative stomach.

Sandra, USA

I just wanted to say the Colic-Ease really helped & soothed our colicky, fussy baby.   We had feverishly sourced many productes & concocotions on the market that claimed to help colic & wind, but to no avail.  After an internet search engine linked us to the Colic-Ease website, we bought a few bottles & were very pleased & relieved to see it really soothed our son.  Great that it's all natural, too.  The only disadvantage is that no stores stock it in Europe!  Thanks for a great product!

Julie D. - United Kingdom

I started to give my baby colic ease almost a month ago. She was extremely gassy. It has helped her a lot. I'm very happy with your product. I am giving her a dose with every bottle of formula and hope that in a month or so when her digestive system is full developed she will get better...I live in Canada and I wish we would have it here for sale, it is a wonderful medicine. Thank you.

Leticia, Canada

When my twins were born my son was great but my daughter cried all the time, wouldn't sleep and we were at our wits end. We were told she had colic and there was not muchwe could do she would eventually grow out of it. That was just not an option. Istarted to look for any thing that could help and I found colic ease. It was almost miraculous how after one dose she was a new baby. No more crying no more sleeplessnights. One dose before each feeding was all it took. Thank God for colic ease.

Donna R

This really has been a blessing. I have used it on my son who had acid reflux and was very colicky due to the reflux problem. When I started using Colic Ease it soothed all of our problems. I have even suggested this product to family memebers who have kids with the same problem.


Just want to thank you for your wonderful product. I am from Australia so it cost me more for delivery than it did for your gripe water but it is definately worth it. My daughter is now 12 months old and I find your gripe water is the only thing that works to help her sleep if she is crying from wind pain or seems uncomfortable and can't get to sleep. It also seems to work so quick. We have recently found she has an intolorance to lactose and dairy, which has been causing all of her wind problems. Thank God for your product. Thank you so much.

Angela - Victoria, Australia

This stuff worked EXTREMELY well and FAST. My husband was so shocked at how fast it quited down our baby at night that he would ask, "What are the ingredients of that stuff?! Hocus Pocus? Abracadabra?!" We can't thank you enough and keep it on hand for our children (now 4 and 6) or ourselves for upset stomachs, teething pain and stomach flu!!! It's AMAZING and worth every penny! A MUST HAVE for your medicine cabinet!

Yvonne - Colorado

Thank heaven for this product!!! I started using Colic-Ease when my daughter was 4 weeks old. She was always crying and uncomfortable, and feeding was a nightmare. She was so gassy during feedings, and complained through the entire bottle. Just days after starting this product, she was a different baby. It really helped her gas, and gave her very regular bowel movements. She was smiling and cooing and we were able to enjoy our daughter. I would recommend this product to ANYONE who was having a tough time with their child. She never had a problem taking it, and the NumiMed is the BEST way to give it to them. I would undoubtedly recommend using Colic-Ease before spending all your money on new formulas hoping to find one that helps. This is all you need!! Love, love, love this product!!

Stephanie - Smithtown, New York

First off...I want to thank you so much for Colic Ease. My daughter was diagnosed with colic at 5 weeks and I thought I was going to lose my mind. My sister bought me a bottle of ColicEase and my daughter LOVED it from the start and it always helped her poor little tummy.Once I used it all up I noticed a difference in her...she started crying a lot again and is now sogassy. I have since bought another bottle but I want to know how often and when I shouldgive it to her. She is going to be 3 months tomorrow and I find that she is still extremely gassy (painfully). Thank you again and God Bless you!!!!


We live in an Assisted Living Facility here in Granbury, Texas, and we have a brand new grandson who has colic. We have used your product for several years as my grandson,who is now 6 used it and it was AWESOME! Now I use it as well as my daughter. Sowe are in the age range of 85 years old, 41 years old, 21 years old, 6 years old and 3 daysold! WE BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT! I know this said Shipping Instructions butI had to share my story. So thanks so much for such a wonderful product and I am so happy we will be using it once again!

Wilma W. - Granbury, Texas

A huge thank-you for Colic-Ease. It was introduced to me by my niece. My grandson was in so much pain from colic and was advised to try your product using it with the nummie. From the very first dose of Colic-Ease he was 100% better. Thank you once again from the bottom of myheart. It was worth every penny.

Rae M - Northampton, England

It was taking about 4-5 hours most nights to settle her and then early hours of the morning she was very unsettled. We saw the chiro - that would help (she could push the wind out and showed me how to, but I was a bit scared to do this). This helped but only for the first day or 2, then she was back to the same as before. But now using the Colic-Ease, I have not had to go back to the chiro for her tummy getting so tight (and it was like a balloon and she could not keep down a feeding). Now she most of the times is asleep within a few minutes or 1/2 hour at most. She will even sleep overnight or wakes for a quick feeding, then straight back to sleep - no more sitting up for hours after a feeding. Thank you so much for a healthy product as I am very fussy with what I would and would not use. You are welcome to use this email - it's all true and I am so grateful to find something that works so well. I am really wanting this to be sold over here so I am going to ask some health food shops as well as my chiro when she is back. Many thanks.

Karen O - Park Holme, South Australia

HI, our son developed colic between his first and second weeks of age. We tried ALL the calming methods we knew of and read everything we could to try and learn more, as we resigned ourselves to having to listen to our little one just scream for hours on end. Fortunately for us, that did not last too much longer as a friend who heard of our son's colic recommended your product. at first, I was pretty hesitant, but one more night of watching our son suffer was enough to make us place an order. We were in absolute amazement at how quickly our son settled down and could rest in our arms without pain. When a baby has colic, parents feel so helpless and frustrated. This Colic-Ease has helped tremendously with our baby's pain and helping us rest. Most importantly it has given us back our sweet, happy baby something we did not think possible. If I could tell other parents out there anything it would be not to give up hope of enjoying those months until they have tried this product! We just placed another order and I never want to be caught without it in our house or diaper bag!!

Lance and Becky K. - Beverly Hills, California

I just want to say thank you sooo much for creating Colic Ease! I ordered it on Wed. & received it in the mail on friday just in time for my 2 week old daughters feeding. I gave it to her in the Nummi (which she loves) before her bottle feeding & the gas seemed to come out w/hardly any effort on my part. My baby now can feed & sleep w/ ease because she no longer has horrible gas problems. I am recommending your product to every mom I know. Don't stop making it!!

Genell - Waterbury, CT

I just like everyone else would like to THANK YOU for making this absolutely FANTASTIC "medicine!" I had a daughter in Dec. 2006 and shortly after her arrival the crying began and NEVER stopped! After several LONG weeks I turned to the internet to find anything that would help. I came across your website and after much debating figured it couldn't hurt at this point. I ordered one bottle and two days later the MIRACLE arrived! It did not "cure" her colic but it helped 100%! She LOVED the taste of it and we laughed at her "pickle breath!" Needless to say we ordered 2 more bottles 5 days later. I have since recommended this WONDERFUL product to EVERYONE I know! When we plan on having the second child (we still are little hesitant) we will definitely have Colic-Ease every step of the way!!

K Carty - Mandeville, LA

I had written to you about a month ago about asking whether it was working for my child or not, because his symptoms got worse after I gave him the gripe water, but I decided to give it a good week or two before really deciding whether it helps him or makes it worse. And boy am I glad I stuck with it, he is doing much better, he is still very gassy and I can feel the gasses inside his stomach, but there isn't as much and he actually sleeps better and doesn't fuss nearly as much as he used to, so instead of returning the second bottle, it is almost empty, and I Plan on ordering more today! So this is my success story, and i think you should tell parents that they may need to give it a good week or two sometimes before it really works for their child. Thank you.

Lidiya - Chicopee, Massachusetts

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! WOW, WHAT A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!! i simply cannot say enough great things about colic-ease, i chose it over the other brands because of the natural ingredients (including dill, which no other product has), and i simply cannot believe the way it's calmed my 1month old son who suffers from colic. no kidding he starts calming down the moment he tastes the first drop, and i only have a need to use it once or twice a day. i wish i had known about gripe water and colic-ease from the moment he started having colic, unfortunately my pediatrician stands by his thinking that "colic is only in the head" and that it is untrue that the baby is in pain. needless to say i will be changing doctors, why don't they tell their patients about gripe water and natural products such as colic-ease??? i definitely recommend your product to anyone who's baby suffers from colic, what a lifesaver!!! i no longer have to watch my baby boy shriveled up in pain, and he also has a much easier time getting his stools out now. again thank you so much. :)

Jola - St Petersburg, FL

Thank you for your prompt shipping. Our daughter seems to be responding very well to your product. I'm hopeful that using your product will lead to her being able to sleep through the night soon, rather than waking up with reflux and gas pains. She seems to be at least 50% better in the 3 days and nights we have used Colic-Ease. Thank you.

Dear Colic Ease! I just absolutely had to write and thank you for making this product. Myson, since birth has had reflux problems and tummy pain. We spent thefirst 12 weeks of his life living and dealing with him vomiting andscreaming in pain. He never took a nap over 10 minutes before crying outin pain and vomited every time we fed him. Our doctor had him on Mylicondrops, Zantac and then Previcid, none of which ever really worked. Aftersearching the web nightly for answers, I finally found your site.Desperate for help and the desire to not have my precious babe on theseheavy prescription drugs I ordered a bottle of Colic Ease. I prayed itwould work and within hours of his first dose my little peanut was acompletely different baby. He is not taking anymore drugs and takes 2 1/2hour naps without tears, burps and flatuates with a smile, and sleeps 12hours at night. I can not believe that my doctor did not know of ColicEase. I have already and will continue to recommend this product to allthe moms I come in contact with. I thank you for helping me have aprecious son that I can and do enjoy immensely now!!! I have even told adear friend to try it for her problems with chemotherapy. Thank you again!

Vicki - Edgewood, Washington


Colic Ease has been a lifesaver for me and my 8 week old daughter since I got it 2 weeks ago. Can you please contact Whole Foods in Andover MA and ask them to carry it? I plan on bringing it into the store as well, but thought the more they hear about you the better! Thank you for a great product!

Alethea C - Groveland, MA

My husband and I were at a crossroads when our daughter developed colic. So many people gave advice. I wanted a natural relief for my infant. I did alot of research on many different brands of Gripe Water. This is the only brand that I felt comfortable with since it had all natural ingredients. We gave her a small amount a few times during the evening and it did relieve her! It wasn't an instant cure, but it did help a great deal in a short amount of time. I never went anywhere without it from then on! I always had a good supply at home and for the babysitter! Her colic was usually around the same time so we started giving her a small amount before she would "normally" have colic. This worked well for us! I purchased my Gripe Water from a Pharmacy in Mer Rouge Louisiana. The Pharmacist there was so helpful and highly recommended the product. She shipped it as soon as the order came in. I didn't pay extra for the product just the shipping. We have recommended this product to many of our friends since it is all natural and worked for us. We are expecting our second child in January 08 and I will have Gripe Water on hand! Thanks

KT - Lafayette, LA

Just want to say thank-you for this gripe water. This stuff is awesome. For two months my daughter would cry at the same time every night for hours. We were crazy!!! A friend had told me about Colic Ease. After the Dr. prescribing Zantac & having no other ideas, I tried the gripe water. I was so desperate I drove an hour one way to get it. That night after two doses our baby was able to pass gas, something she couldn't do before. We were consistent in using the Colic Ease and it definitely paid off. I tell everyone I know about the Colic Ease. Thank you soooooo much

Michelle C - Madison, FL

Really appreciate your product and prompt delivery, always right on time, even when I'm not. I tell everyone. Many have heard of gripe water at some point, and I tell them if they ever know anyone w/ a colicky baby to go to your website, honestly I write down this address. I'm always trying to do ministry work and lately, being so caught up being a new mom and not ministering to patients, i feel like this has become my ministry. i hope it helps you some. have a great day. God bless you.


My daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux at 3 weeks of age. She was started on Zantac and we had to switch her formula to nutrimagen which is 26$ a can. The Zantac didn't help much so the Dr switched her to prevacid. We still had nights were she would cry for 8 hours straight. I decided to get on the net to find some hope and I did! This product helps her acid reflux greatly. She used to regurgitate constantly after feedings and now she does it up to 5 times instead of 40! She also sleeps through the night now and takes 3 hour naps during the day! I told my pediatrician office about this product and they are going to recommend it to other parents with children who endure acid reflux! Thank you so much for making my daughter happy and the family life easier!

Tosha Allen - East Moline, IL

Hi.I just wanted to let you know that this stuff is a miracle worker. My sonscreamed at the top of his lungs for six weeks straight at about eighthours a day. We went to the doctor at least every other week during thistime. They changed his formula, then added Zantac, then added cereal tohis formula, then took him off the Zantac and put him on Prevacid. He hadbeen on the Prevacid for a few weeks when I found out about Colic-Ease.My sister-in-law told me to try it. I put it off for a few weeks becauseI figured it was just some more crap that wouldn't work any way. However,when I did decide to start him on it, it was like I had a completelydifferent baby. I finally understood why people actually love theirbabies. I couldn't love him for being completely ready to pull all myhair out. After the first day of using the colic-ease, he never had thosescreaming fits again. I give it to him in the medicine pacifier each timebefore he eats. Of course he cries sometimes, but he's a baby. However,he never did that screaming at the top of his lungs for hours on endagain.Thank you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT.I truly love my son and can really enjoy him now!!!!

D Zhou - Savannah, Georgia

I just want to thank you for your wonderful product. I ordered it because my first son had colic and I wanted to be prepared with my second. Mylicon does not work. This baby does not have colic (yet) but it does cure the hiccups in seconds and relieves his gas. My baby is an absolute angel to have-he has no fussing thanks to the gripe water. Thanks again.

Aimee - Casa Grande, AZ

Before seeing your testimonials on line I was at wits end caring for my premature 3 month old infant diagnosed with reflux.....Many endless nights of crying for hours had me almost ready to loose it. This is my third baby, they say three is a charm..but my new bundle of joy hardly seemed to be a charm with colic and reflux. I felt so bad to see him in pain. My pediatrician and I tried everything, changing formulas, Axid (for reflux), mylicon, woodwards gripe water, pacing the floor all night, going for a drive, bouncing on my lap...oh my goodness we tried it all. My other children ages 14y and 7 y also had colic but none as bad as my newborn. My husband and I were about to loose it..I even had to postpone my return to work date( I am a RN) because I knew that I couldn't function with this extreme sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Well then I came across your website and said to myself hey anything is worth a try...I drove way across town to locate a store because I didn't want to wait for delivery, yes he is that bad. It took a few doses and it is only day one but I must say it had helped him out and it has worked better that the other stuff that I tried. The rep. at the health food store said its their best selling colic product....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

S Wilson - Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to add my thank you to all the others who have complimented your product. My daughter was 2 1/2 months old.. and I started to panic. My son suffered absolute terrible anguish of Reflux for 14 MONTHS before he was diagnosed.. then another year before he was able to sleep through the night without screaming for hours. Little baby Ruby began to exhibit the same symptoms.. and started several hour long crying fits in her second month. She went to the ER and had stomach x-rays- the doctor was ASTOUNDED at the amount of gas in her stomach! I tried everything! She tried 2 different reflux medicines, several different formulas, Mylicon,giving her water to drink, even a couple other Gripe Waters. Finally the doctor said there was nothing else to try.. WHAT? I was NOT going to have another child go through so much pain.. so I went off to the health food store in search of Chamomile tea-THEN. I found Colic Ease.... It's easy to give- she LOVES the taste, it works immediately with her and she sleeps so soundly and happily! I am a BELIEVER and will tell everyone I know! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Everyone is always commenting on how insanely HAPPY Ruby is.. always laughing and smiling.. and I couldn't be happy either! (I'm ordering several more bottles today!)

Anne Fleetwood - Temecula, CA

Hi there. I have written to you before and let you know how much I love your product, well here I go again! My baby is now 7.5 months old and I still and using Colic-Ease product. It is great to have it on hand while I am introducing new foods into her diet. I call it her "magic" water because I would say 9 out of 10 times it can cure her of hiccups instantly. She gets a dose before bed and sleeps so comfortably, she loves it and would drink the entire bottle if I let her. I have been ordering 3 at a time as so many of my friends are pregnant and I give them all Colic-Ease and the NumiMed as a gift. I have given out so many so far and there is another due in November..WHEW!! Well, I just wanted to say keep up the good work! Please do not ever stop making your product!

Kaitlyn K. - Johnsonville, Tennesse

Wow. I was skeptical and hopeful at the same time. The results are amazing! Our 4 month old has suffered from mild reflux and BAD gas since birth. Her gassiness causes abdominal distention and painful cramps that cause her much grief. Colic-Ease works almost immediately -- the relief allows her to sleep soundly. And we are soooooo thankful!

Lisa - Columbia, Maryland

Well, the first thing I can tell you is that I really appreciate your customer service. I placed an online order for 2 bottles last week with overnight shipping. You called me and said that being it was the weekend, you would not have been able to send it out till Monday, I knew this but I wanted it ASAP, you told me about a place I could buy it near my home. I was truly impressed by that. True customer service really does exist. My daughter is 8 weeks old and ever since she was 2 weeks would have crying fits that were excruciating for all of us. She would scream so bad she would turn purple. She gasped for air. I could not watch this happen. I tried several different formulas and none worked. I took her to the doctor and he thought it might be acid reflux. The medicine he gave me did not work. Then a friend told me about your gripe water. When I first started her on it she had to have it 2 hours after every feeding. That was when she was having a really hard time. She calmed down within 5-10 minutes of giving it to her. We were amazed. By the second day, she was eating and sleeping so much better. By the third day, we only had to give it to her 3 times for the whole day. She is on it for a week now and only needs it once or twice a day, sometimes more but usually once or twice does the trick. I am so glad we have a a happy baby now, I could not watch her be in that much pain all the time. Thank you so much for your Colic-Ease.

Michelle S. (& baby Regan) - New York, New York

I ordered this product two days ago for my 3 month old daughter who has been suffering from acid reflux. She started it yesterday and is back to the happy, smiling baby I remember! Your product is a Godsend! I HIGHLY recommend this product. We have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked, even the Zantac! Because of your product, I have been able to discontinue the Zantac! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am planning to order two more bottles today (one to keep on hand and one to give to my mother who watches her)! Thank you again!

Ann Marie Bethel - Ashburn, Virginia

Colic-ease has been a huge answer to our prayers! My youngest son was diagnosed w/ acid reflux and was on 3 different meds and none of them worked. A friend (an RN) recommended your product since her son was diagnosed w/ the same reflux. I called and ordered it and it has been a miracle for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product and the informational website. I am recommending it to all the new mothers I know!

Jane Barnes

This is my second order of Colic-Ease. My baby has been miserable with colic. The first time I gave it to him within minutes he was a completely different child. Everyone says that they wish they had this stuff when their children were babies. I tell EVERYONE where to get it. One of my friends used it on her 2 year old for gas and it worked so great she tried it on herself and it worked for her too! I am forever a customer and this order is for the both of us! Thank you, thank you so much !!

Linda M. - Winterville, Georgia

Dear Colic-Ease staff: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My 3 week old has a very difficult time with burping which causes terrible gas pains. Another mother had recommended your product and I began giving Colic-Ease to my daughter and WOW what a difference. I now nurse her on one side and then give her Colic-Ease and then let her nurse on the other side. One night this week I had to WAKE HER to eat! She slept from 10pm to 5:30 am. What a blessing. I've just ordered another bottle for me and a second for a friend of mine that is due in 7 weeks. I will be giving Colic-Ease to every new mom to be as a shower gift from now on. By the way the NumiMed Pacifier is wonderful. My daughter takes it so easily and she likes the taste of the Colic-Ease, she can be screaming but she tastes the first drop and immediately quiets down. Thank you and God Bless!

Lori C. - Covington, Georgia

Sometimes we think the baby makes a fuss now just to drink this tonic on purpose. You have saved us what might have been many sleepless nights. Thanks.

Tim J. - Bothel, Washington

Just wanted you to know this medicine has been a sanity saver for us! As first time parents, we were convinced that we were doing something wrong when trying to console our son, now 15 days old. After consulting with our pediatrician, who strongly suggested that the symptoms resembled colic, I remembered that I had bought Colic-Ease "just in case" before our son's birth. I thought I was a bit paranoid buying it but I am so very thankful that I did! After two doses and within 30 minutes, he calmed right down and fell asleep! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Julie H. - Taylor Mill, Kentucky

My mother-in-law gave me a bottle and I was skeptical at first but now I do not know how parents live without Colic-Ease. Thank you. Regards.

Sherry P. - Garards Fort, Pennsylvania

My wife and I wish to THANK you for the FANTASTIC product you sell. Our baby is nine weeks old and never sleep more than one hour if that at a time each night. He refused to sleep during the day and was always fussy. The first night we used Colic-Ease he slept for 4 hours straight and then 2 and a half directly after that. After less than a week of using Colic-Ease, Jacob sleeps between four and six hours at a time and takes frequent naps during the day. He is so much happier and so are his parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Dan, Jen & baby Jacob - San Marcos, California

I love the COLIC-EASE... and am so very thankful for finding it!!! I am buy more of it and NumiMed for my pregnant friends as gifts. Thanks for making our lives easier!!!

Stephanie H. - Newport, Kentucky

When my boys' acid reflux subsided I did not need to used as much...I began using it again when I switched them to milk from formula after a year...they were quite gassy and uncomfortable. They have been doing SO GREAT ever since I put them back on it! THANKS!

Vicky L. - Denver, Colorado

My son is started solids and getting his teeth, both of which causes him extra tummy trouble. Colic-Ease does the trick and has no side effects what so ever. I wish I knew about this stuff with my first baby. Congratulations on making such a great and effective product.

Candy H. - Charlotte, North Carolina

My son was never colicky, but has had a sensitive stomach since birth and "gas drops" never worked. Colic-Ease is the only product (and we have tried others) that has helped with his discomfort. Thank you for creating a natural product that parents can feel so comfortable using.

Gina E. - Phoenix, Arizona

This has been such a life saver for us and we are ordering another bottle to keep at Grandma's house. WE are recommending it to EVERYONE!! THANKS!!

Kristal D. - Mt. Vernon, Indiana

I love this stuff. It helped so much when my baby was 2-3 months old with tummy pains and now it is helping out again while introducing new foods. It's so much help. Thank you!

Beth R. - Maplewood, Minnesota

I am a very satisfied customer and have used Colic-Ease with my 3-month old and though he did not have colic, he did have difficulty with gas and the Colic-Ease works so wonderfully! (We call it "pickle juice" since the dill leaves our baby smelling like a cute little pickle!) We also sing the praises of the Numi-Med..what a great product.

Marsha U. - Long Island, New York

I just wanted to say thank you.. I dealt with my crying baby who was in so much pain for weeks until I began to use Colic-Ease. I tried the drops, I tried herbal tea, nothing worked and the doctor just told me that babies cry ( how cruel ! ). My baby is now 8 months old and I still give it to him every morning at breakfast. He eats so much healthier, he is less gassy and best of all he smiles now. I would recommend this product to anyone in this situation. Thanks again.

Traci (& baby Devin) - Lincoln Park, New Jersey

My daughter just turned 2 and I am still ordering Colic Ease. This is probably the third email I've written to you, but I have to tell you, I gave my BEST friend a bottle just before her second son was born, and she was skeptical about how good I said this stuff was, it sounded too good to be true. Well, I just submitted an order for myself AND her! Her son is now 3 months old and although he does not have many gassy episodes, he is just like my daughter and ALWAYS has the hiccups. This is an instant cure for that. She LOVES Colic Ease as do I, a customer of almost 2 years now. So thank you for continuing to make an AWESOME product and not making a liar out of me to my very best friend. She just loves me more now! PS> I read on the website some people have "names" for the gripe water, I do too, it is "Magic Water"! Thank you again and again and again.

KATHY PHELAN - Rochester, New York

I am amazed! Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I can tell you is that my 7 week old sleeps more soundly and has fewer episodes of exhausting, painful gas attacks since taking the Colic Ease for about one week now. He loves the taste and it makes his breath smell so "cute." I am glad I tried it and will soon be ordering more. Thank you!!

Coleen & Josh - Maryland



I would also like to thank you. My daughter was born premature at 26 weeks gestation. She had a terrible time in the NICU with feeding issues and severe reflux. We ended up needed a gtube (feeding tube) and a nissen fundoplication (a procedure where they tie her stomach around her esophogus to prevent reflux). With the Nissen she is completely unable to burp. We started off with Baby Bliss at first, not knowing what sodium bicarbinate does. Oh my Gosh, she was miserable. She loved the taste of it, but it did not help with her colic at all. A friend recommended this product to me. I initially ordered 2 bottles thru the web site over Christmas. Because of the holiday it was going to take longer to mail it UPS, so someone from your company went to the post office and mailed it priority. She was wonderful. I dont know for certain, but before Colic ease, we had to use her feeding tube almost all the time. Its been 4 weeks and her feeding tube was removed yesterday. She is eating all the time now. She is not in as much pain caused from gas, and I have noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of gas she passes. Now if you could just make something that will help her sleep! :o) Thank you!

Tonya - Houston Banks, Oregon

Both my baby and I love the product (its helped me too when I have an upset stomach from medicine I have to take if you can believe it) and I LOVE the numi-med!!! I’m on my 4th kid and I can’t believe I didn’t find anything like this before. Thanks

Beth W

I have an eighteen month old and a three week old that haveboth been using Colic-ease. I tried numerous things to calm them whenthey have an upset stomach, and this product by far, has done the trick.Since our first order of Colic-ease, which was in August of 2004, we havesince placed numerous orders. When I started coming down with a stomachvirus, I decided to take Colic-ease myself and within an hour, I wasfeeling myself again. My husband and I are so glad that this product isavailable, and we have told all of our friends and family to try it! Italso makes for a great gift!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING US ALL FEEL BETTER!!!

Kristine D - Raleigh, North Carolina



A million thanks for your product. Our second child is very gassy and "colicky". Just last night, at 9 wks old, he was screaming from gas pain and would not finish his last bottle of the evening. Nothing we could do would comfort him. My husband asked my daughter to get the "pickle juice", our nickname for it since it smells a bit like dill! One full dose and in literally 5 seconds he was quiet, completely calm, finished his bottle and went to bed. We could not have made it 9 weeks without your product! THANK YOU! I am buying more to give at Baby showers.

Sara - Prior Lake, MN

Have tried a few different colic treatments. Nothing comes close to your product.Can't thank you enough!

- Ken Rayborn, Pensacola, FL

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful product. My only regret is that I didn't "discover" it until my daughter was 12 weeks old. I had tried 3 other Gripe waters, none of which had much results. I was about to just deal with her colic, gas, tummy troubles when someone left a link to your website on a Mommy message board. I ordered one bottle, reluctantly. I didn't want to get my hopes up again, that something would actually live up to its expectations. Well, your product does. I literally ripped the box open the day it arrived, my little one was having one of screaming fits. I would say, within 10 minutes she had relief and actually fell asleep. An added bonus of your product is that it helped with her constipation problems as well. She now has a regular bowel movement everyday. I know you get emails like this everyday but I can't thank you enough. Charlotte, my little girl, can't thank you enough either.

- Lucia