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  • The arrival of a new baby should be a joyful, positive experience...

    However, for families whose babies suffer the devastating pains and discomfort caused by colic, gas and reflux, this experience quickly becomes stressful,confusing and frustrating.

    Since its introduction in 1999, Colic-Ease gripe water safely and gently provides the most trusted and effective non-drug relief of colic, gas and reflux to thousands of babies and families worldwide.

    Thanks to Colic-Ease gripe water, the "simply wait it out" method or overuse of harsh drugs is a thing of the past.

    Budgets are tight these days, so we have "eased" our prices to help! 

    Regularly $13.95, you can purchase Colic-Ease today for only $11.99!!!!!

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    Colic-Ease helps while managing health conditions.

    Customers provide positive feedback about how Colic-Ease®gripe water
    has helped them while dealing with the unpleasant side effects that 
    chemotherapy and IBS treatments can cause the digestive system.

    Colic-Ease provides natural, fast relief that will not interfere with the
    effectiveness of other medications being used.
    Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are interested in trying Colic-Ease.

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  • Only Colic-Ease gripe water offers your family all of the following:

    • Produced in an FDA regulated, pharmaceutical grade American laboratory
    • A certificate of analysis for each ingredient, guaranteeing purity from microorganisms, acidity/alkalinity, metals and ingredient identification/verification before the bottling process begins.
    • A gripe water formula that follows DESHA, the FDA's manufacturing procedures and guidelines. Note: homeopathic gripe waters do not follow DESHA guidelines.
    • Contains 5 Herbal oils (not extracts of flavors) listed on the FDA's GRAS list

    NO Sodium Bicarbonate (Why we don't use it)

    NO Charcoal/Veg carbon/Activated Charcoal (Why we don't use it)

    NO Parabens, Sucrose or Sorbitol

    NO Drugs

    NO Wheat, Sodium Bisulfate, Yeast

    NO Alcohol, Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners or colors

    NO Glycerin, Soy, Gluten, Starch, Dairy Products or Tree Nuts

    • A gripe water formula that is also helpful when introducing new foods into baby's diet.
    • Longest shelf life of all gripe water products - unopened 3 years, opened 6 months. No refrigeration is required after opening
    • 7 oz. Colic-Ease provides 40-80 doses depending on baby's age - DOUBLES and TRIPLES all other gripe water brands.

    Did you know that Colic-Ease gripe water works for adults as well?

    From indigestion and heartburn to reflux, nausea and gas,
    Colic-Ease can benefit your entire family!

    Colic-Ease gripe water is a dietary supplement, (just like your vitamins) 
    not a homeopathic medicine/drug. Click here to see a product comparison and see some of the great benefits Colic-Ease gripe water provides.

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